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Diploma and record pilots

For 1,000, 1,250, 1,500 km FAI diplomas, national records and world records you will secure a place on our website and receive a Kiripotib woven rug with glider logo.

03.01.2020Marek Blatak1000 km FAI Diplomaannounced 1000 km FAI Triangle / 1000.00 km
28.11.2019Markus Ganev & Thomas JobsSwedish recordSpeed over 750km out-and-return / 151.00 km/h
28.11.2019Antti Lehto & Juha SoriFinnish recordfree course over three turning points / 1,135.10 km
15.01.2019Roman Isegrei1000 km FAI Diploma1029.42 km
15.01.2019Gerhard Keuschnig1000 km FAI Diploma1050.74 km
12.01.2019Andreas Siebenhofer1000 km FAI Diploma1010.09 km
04.01.2019Simo Kettunen & Kristian RoineFinnish recordSpeed 750 km out-and-return / 156.60 km/h
03.01.2019Ludwig StarklAustrian speed record300 km FAI Triangle / 171.54 km/h
02.01.2019Wolfgang JanowitschAustrian speed record500 km FAI Triangle / 162.66 km/h
18.12.2018John BallyPersonal record100th flight with more than 1000km
14.12.2018Matthew ScutterAustralian record1000 km FAI Triangle / 152km/h
30.11.2018Börje ErikssonSwedish recordSpeed 300+500 km out-and-return / 170.55 km/h
16.11.2018Hannu HalonenFinnish record300 km FAI Triangle / 172.47km/h
14.11.2018Hannu HalonenFinnish record750 km FAI Triangle / 163.42km/h
14.11.2018Ludwig StarklAustrian speed record750 km FAI Triangle / 162.61 km/h
12.01.2018Lubík JakubčákSlovak record1000 km free FAI triangle / 143.9 km/h
02.01.2018Antti Lehto & Juha SorriFinnish record750 km out-and-return / 130.27 kmh
15.12.2017Sibylle AndresenContinental record100 km FAI Triangle / 180.0 km/h
10.12.2017Sibylle AndresenContinental record500 km FAI Triangle / 155.7 km/h
20.11.2017Antti Lehto & Juha SorriFinnish record1026 km FAI Triangle
20.11.2017Ludwig StarklAustrian speed record1000 km FAI Triangle / 166.59 km/h
20.11.2017Börje ErikssonSwedish speed record1000 km FAI Triangle / 148.91 km/h
13.11.2017Peter HartmannAustrian speed record500 km FAI Triangle / 146.12 km/h
12.11.2017Börje ErikssonSwedish speed record500 km out-and-return / 165.76 km/h
12.11.2017Ludwig StarklAustrian speed record500 km out-and-return / 165.14 km/h
05.11.2017Ludwig StarklAustrian speed record1000 km FAI Triangle / 164.53 km/h
1000 km FAI Diploma
18.12.2016Rolf Oberlör1000 km FAI Diploma
17.12.2016Valentin MäderContinental record1300 km FAI Triangle
24.11.2016Stefano GhiorzoSpeed World Record 13.5m Class100 km FAI Triangle 140.5 km/h
21.11.2016Stefano GhiorzoSpeed World Record 13.5m Class300 km FAI Triangle 119.5 km/h
20.11.2016Stefano GhiorzoSpeed World Record 13.5m Class500 km FAI Triangle 112.5 km/h
20.11.2016Daniel Künzler1000 km FAI Diploma
14.01.2016Sören Schulz1000 km FAI Diploma
14.01.2016Tomas Hinss1000 km FAI Diploma
06.12.2015Hannu HalonenFinnish speed record300, 500, 1000 km
06.12.2015Michael+Stan1100 km FAI DiplomaCzech record
01.12.2015Valentin Maeder1250 km FAI Diploma
25.11.2015Uroš Krašovic1000 km FAI Diploma
07.01.2015Niels von Hase500 km FAI Diploma509.0 km FAI Triangle
07.01.2015Tijl & Bert SchmelzerBelgian record1131.1 decl. / 1218.7 free km FAI Triangle
06.01.2015Hannu Halonen1000 km FAI Diploma1006.6 km FAI Triangle
06.01.2015Tijl & Bert SchmelzerBelgian & Continental Speed Record100 km FAI / 206.6 km/h
02.01.2014Bert & Hilde SchmelzerBelgian record1120.0 km FAI Triangle
13.12.2013Robert Sleczkowski1000 km FAI Diploma1005.8 km FAI Triangle
24.11.2013 Michal Lewczuk1000 km FAI Diploma1021.9 km FAI Triangle
28.11.2012Jürgen Depil1000 km FAI Diploma1004.4 km Polygon
07.01.2012Jerzy KolasinskiPolish speed record404.3 km / 154.04 km/h
05.01.2012Jerzy Kolasinski1000 km FAI Diploma1005.5 km FAI Triangle
21.12.2011Evert Fekkes500 km FAI Diploma537.1 km FAI Triangle
21.12.2011Philipp Keller1000 km FAI Diploma1005.1 km FAI Triangle
27.12.2010Jürgen Koch1000 km FAI Diploma1015.9 km FAI Triangle
22.12.2009John BallyBritish speed record1042.1km / 131.06 km/h
14.12.2009Alexander Müller1250 km FAI Diploma1254.7 km FAI Triangle
24.11.2009Alexander MüllerLargest OLC route NA1375.0 km